hello Sorelle.. other than the mitten do u also use soap or some kind of cleanser with it... or.... is it just the mitten and water alone. I'm a bit confused...

by kelly cervantes
(las vegas)

Q: Hello Sorelle . Quick question. other than the mitten do you use soap or some kind of cleanser along with the mitten I'm a bit confused. do u use it just with water alone. how do you remove all your make-up ..I know your a busy gal so when you have a moment toanswer
My question it would be much appreciated....thanks my dear and have a blessed day...

A: Hi Kelly :)

I use soap before I scrub just to cleanse off any easy to take off dirt, then the mitten, I just wet it, wring it out and scrub. The special material grips the dead skin and pulls it off.

If there was water running whilst you're scrubbing or soap on you, it wouldn't work as well.

So you nedd tot turn off the shower or hop out of the bath when scrubbing.

Hope this helps!
Sorelle <3

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