Goal Motivation - You Don't Actually Really Want What You Say You Do...

By PT Mitchell Knight

goal motivation

The truth about goal motivation...

Motivation is a big limiting factor in our lives. It more, often than not, decides our actions and shapes our lives far more than we realize.

In psychology there are different types of motivation and different sources as well. They are boring to read about and boring to talk about. I am not motivated to do either of those things.

I believe we tend to over complicate and over analyse our lives by thinking too deep or trying too hard to define everything we do, say, think, feel and believe.

To me, motivation is this simple: If you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it happen.

goal motivation

Obviously there are technicalities that you can throw at me and extreme examples to prove me wrong.

"No matter how hard I try I'm never going to turn into a frog Mitch!"

No way smarty...You're also not going to get anywhere arguing over pedantic crap.

I have seen goals achieved against the odds, I've done it myself. It can be hard, it can be stressful, it can beat you down until you don't think you can get back up one more time.


If it's really what you want you will find a way!

If it is really what you want you should, can and will find a way. It makes it all so much more worth while!

goal motivation

Fat loss?

Strength gain?

Run a marathon?

Climb a mountain?

Quit smoking?

Get a job?

Find a lover?

Leave a lover?

Buy a dress?

Buy a house?

Become a world class pin up model?

You have a reason why you can't do it? I have a way how you can and better yet a reason why you should!

If something is stopping you then you probably don't REALLY want it.

Nothing worthwhile in life is easy. Shortcuts are meant to be challenging. Success is not a given nor is it a right.

It's a reward for hard work, ability, consistency and persistence.

If you want it - Go for it!

If you need help - ASK!

If someone says you can't - Prove that you can!

If they stand in your way - Kick them in the shins!

Set your targets, plan your attack and kick the crap out of your goals!

Future you will love you for it!

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