gets rid of tanned/pink spots?

by meee

Q: i have pale skin, not paper white, but pretty damn white.
but because of constant sun exposure my cheeks and forhead pick up a "sunburn" look constantly.
like, i get tanned there, and then it wears off to an off pink colour, and my face looks awful.

can you use this on your face? i dont have sensitive skin or anything, just very flushed cheeks from build up of skin. if it could white me up i would be extatic! - id be pale naturally minus the red cheeks *._.*

also in your before and after photos, (the after ones) is that you wearing makeup or no makeup?


A: Hey hey :)

So I can't actually say whether or not this would work! I'm just not sure whether it's the blood rushing to the surface or if it's something with your skin!

I think in this instance it may be good to just try the mitten and if it's a no go, then return it within 60 days for a full refund.

But yes, you can use it on your face for sure!

And my picture is wearing no make up at all. Zero. Nada :)

Sorry if this wasn't too helpful but I just haven't come across this before!

Make sure you take before and after pictures though if you do decide to try it so we can see the progress :)


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