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easy pin up hair "Are there any easy pin up hair styles?" I hear you say...

Yes...there are.

I will run through them below, but I will warn you that they won't have as much of an effect as if you do the hair properly, however if you are a real novice, these tips below will really help.

Firstly, the main difference you will notice with pin up hair and regular modern hair is that it usually has more volume. The taller the hair, the closer to heaven right? ;)

So whether you have an updo or have your hair out, aim for volume - this can be done through lots of hair spray and mousse, or by the use of the beautiful creation which are bobbi pins.

easy pin up hairAs you can see by the picture to the left...this really doesn't look pin up or vintage at all. It's a look easily seen on the streets today where it appears there isn't too much effort put into it AND it's lacking volume at the front.

The pin up look usually looks like there's been a lot of effort done to achieve it.

easy pin up hair
On the right however, will find probaly the most straight forward hairdo done by Caitlin von Kirsch, which will look the part.

Simply grab a piece of the hair from the sides, puff it up a little, twist the hair closer to the end and then pin it into place (on the sides).
It will give immediate volume and also look a lot neater then if you just let it out.

By adding a nice side flower to your hair with this look, you'll absolutely look the part!

Another feature of the pin up hair, is that is usually looks neat. So whether up or down, you want to try to control fly aways and random strands of hair. Try to keep hair in a bunch rather then creating spaghetti thin strands all over your shoulders.

This could be simply done by sweeping your hair regularly to one side.

Easy Pin Up Hair - Let It Down
easy pin up hairWhen the hair is down, you want to aim to have soft waves in the hair. If you're no pro at creating these with a curling iron, simply plat your hair loosely the night before, sleep with them in, let it out the next day and very gently brush your hair out with your fingers in the morning trying to maintain those waves. Sweep the hair out of your face and secure it with a flower.

Add some hair spray and a little mouse to hold it into place and VIOLA!

The only other small thing you may want to do with that hair is to curl under the ends of your hair with a straightener - as you want to try to make the hair look as neat as possible.

If your hair is shoulder length, try this:
easy pin up hair

√ Wash your hair & add about a golf ball size of mousse to your hair whilst wet (concentrating on adding it to the roots, not the ends - this will weight your hair down faster if you add it to the ends)

√ Blow dry it with your head upside down until it's 90% dry

√ Turn upright and with a curling brush, finish drying off your hair by concentrating on creating volume in the roots by bringing the curling brush closer to your roots and blow drying the hair in the opposite direction to how it normally sits

√ Blow dry the ends under

√ Brush out your hair softly

√ Add half a golf ball size of mousse to your hair by scrunching up the end - this will help control fly aways and make the hair form into one unit instead of a million little flyaways. It will look neater.

√ Sweep the hair from your face and add a hair flower.

Finally, the easiest and fastest way humanly known to do easy pin up hair is...Rosie The Riveter style!

Check out the video here for more:

Please leave any comments below! Do you know any easier ways to achieve the quit and easy pin up hair?

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<3 Sorelle Amore

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