Curvy Pin Up - Is This The Only Way?

Curvy Pin Up - Is This The Only Way?

Sorelle Amore from speaks about the misconceptions which is still out there about the pin up body having to be one specific way - not skinny, not too on the heavy side but curvy.

"If you don't have curves - you're not a real woman."

"She needs to do something about her weight"

Onnnn and onnnnn it goes.

This junk keeps going round and round without people realizing that the pin up style is actually one that embraces all women.

No matter what shape, size, nationality you are, you are allowed to be a pin up girl.

I fricking LOVE the pin up style because you see women who once upon a time were super shy and timid and not comfortable at all in their skin UNTIL...the beautiful day they discovered this style.

Now they walk around in cute wiggle dresses, sexy lingerie underneath and gorgeous hair and make up...but most importantly...with their head held high...

Pin Up is the only style which embraces everyone (well...sorry may have to sit out on this one), unlike the mainstream media which focuses on just one body shape.

So ladies...let us be super awesome as a team and love ourselves so much, that no matter what anyone else does or looks like, you won't feel the need to put them down but are instead there to support them.

We are powerful beyond belief as individuals...imagine what we could do together.

Thanks for listening. I'm Sorelle Amore - a girl with a crazy, wild dream to help women realize their perfection and beauty just as we are. We have a heart beat and that in itself is a miracle.

Let me know what you think of all of this by commenting below! Am I trying to embark on an impossible journey? Do I make any sense at all?

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Love to all!

Sorelle Amore

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