How To Get It, Keep It, Rock It!

Confidence is a huge part of feeling good about yourself, loving life and attracting great opportunities - either business related, personal or relationship wise.

Let me first bust some myths related to this topic...


Self-confidence Myths Busted

1. You're Either Born With It or You Are Not...

Sure there a lot of kids you meet that are very outspoken and some who are very shy.

It does not mean however that if you're shy when you are young, you can't gain self-confidence.

This is one I can speak of personally. Being an extremely shy and quite child, I have grown to be one of the most outspoken and outgoing person I know.

So don't give up. Your chance can still come. If you want it to.

2. I had an extremely bad past - I can't possibly be confident.

Ok...lets face it...All people have gone through bad things. A confident person decided to move on. A non confident person dwells on that situation.

How about a lady who went through a terrible childhood - poverty, rape, become one of the most powerful people on earth - Oprah.

3. If You're Confident - You Are in All Areas Of Life...

Overall self-confidence is your belief in what you can do.

If you're a rocket scientist - you're certain in your knowledge about spacecrafts.

If you're a make up artist - you're certain in your knowledge about make up.

One way to create self-confidence is to find an area of life you feel you have mastered and duplicate the feelings for an area of life you want to improve in.


7 Self-Confidence Tips You Can Instantly Use

1. Walk 25% Faster

People with self-confidence walk quicker as they have important things to do and they don't have all day to do it.

Try it will feel and look more confident.

2. Stand Up Straight

Taller people are proven to be naturally more confident.

By standing up straight, it gives the illusion you are taller and people that slouch always seem like they are doubting themselves.

Confident people don't doubt themselves.

3. Challenge Yourself

How can you feel better about yourself when you don't know what you are capable of?

By pushing your boundaries and succeeding you prove to yourself you are capable of achieving a lot - giving you more self-confidence.

In the instances you 'fail', by getting back up and trying again, you prove to yourself that you are stronger then you think.

Either's a win win situation!

4. Compliment Others

Break the cycle of negativity and praise others. Gossip is dreadful. So do yourself a favour and stay clear of it.

By looking for the best in others you can also find the best in you. What you put out, you get back in. The more real compliments you give out, the more you will get.

5. Speak Up!

It takes true courage to speak up. And you surely get more confidence by standing up for what you believe in.

Try to speak up at least once in a social situation.

This does not mean that you have to fight with everyone, but just by putting in a sentence into a conversation will make a world of difference.

6. Exercise...

Oh come didn't really think I wouldn't state the obvious did you?

Yes...look after yourself.

It makes you look better, feel better and gives you more energy.

By shedding a few kilos, or getting through a big workout, it helps you feel like you're able to achieve more increasing your self-confidence.

7. Watch What You Wear

Wear the right colours for you - if in doubt chose one of these 'universal' colours from below. Universal colours usually suit most people.

To make sure you get the extra *oomph* from those colours - wear either gold or silver jewellery, whichever suits you most.

You can determine this by putting the jewellery up to your face. If you looked tired when you have it near your face, the colour isn't right for you.

If you're still not sureā€¦ask a friend. They will tell you the truth.

Universal Colours

  • Off-white (it looks best on warmer skin tones though)
  • Ivory (not cream which is more suited for Autumns)
  • Mid-gray
  • Stone
  • Taupe
  • Pewter
  • Teal
  • Purple
  • Emerald Turquoise
  • Lavender

Bonus Tip!

Fake It Till You Make It!

Yes...people don't really know the difference and by faking it for a while, soon it will come to you naturally.

Just like when you first started driving a was tough.

After a while, it all came naturally.

So go out there and use these tips straight away.

There is nothing more attractive then a woman with self-confidence.


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