Bandana Wear - How To Get It Right!

Successful bandana wear is simple yet so effective. Bad hair day? Not a worry. The bandana will fix it!

The Pin Up bandana look is just one famous hairstyle worn in the pin up era which is gaining popularity ever so rapidly right now.

bandana wear

You can wear it with anything!

Dress, shirt and pants, even at the beach! You can make it look classy or just simply pin up depending what color and fabric you chose and of course what you will wear it with.

With this kind of hairstyle, there is just one rule you have to keep in mind. The front top of your hair should be emphasized with a nice wave. Choose whether you want the wave to be subtle or you want it to create the mood for you on the entire night out. If your dress is striking enough, you can do away with a subtle wave and a simpler hairstyle. Otherwise, get the wave done in a way it will make an impact the entire night that you’ll fix everybody’s eyes on your cool hairdo.

The Rosie the riveter bandana look requires not too much of things going on your hair. You just need a few things on your closet to successfully implement it:

  • Bandanna or a big Handkerchief
  • Bobby pins
  • Round Brush
  • Stronghold Hairspray

bandana wear How to get the best Rosie the Riveter Look

Continuing with the bandana wear...achieving this look is super easy. If you want to achieve an authentic Rockabilly style though, natural soft curls or setting your hair in pin curls overnight is necessary.

Section your hair in the front top grabbing the entire bangs. If you want more volume, part the bangs with the middle section of your hair.


1. Create the wave on the front section by forming a hump out of it. Tease the part of the hair section facing backwards (back of the hair) to create the volume. Pin then the section without having to stretch it on the back. Maintain the hump by pinning it near the forehead, adjust the bobby pins nearer if you’re not satisfied with the volume yet.

bandana wear

2. Apply some hairspray to keep it in position the whole day.

Pull the rest of your hair back and hold it in a ponytail at the back of your hair. Tie it in a higher position on the back so the pin curls can freely bounce.

3. Smooth the Bandana on the table and position it into a diamond one. Form a nice triangle out of it by connecting two of its opposing corners. Then create about one to two inches strip by rolling the bottom part of the triangle to the peak.

Wrap the Bandana around your head with the middle part resting on the back bottom part of your hair working its way towards the top. Tie it nicely on top of your hair. Do it carefully as to not to ruin the hump on the front.

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bandana wear

4. Pin the bandanna on the sides near your ears and on the top part of your hair to keep it in place.

5. Apply some more hairspray on the front and the back part and smooth out the flyaway hair left.

You can then have a variation on your bandana wear. To show the back of the hair or to not?

There are a few who prefers to cover the back for the super vintage look.

Bandana wear is easy...yet so effective.

A Pin up Rockabilly Bandanna exhibits the true classic rock and roll. But the best part of it is how it gracefully blends in your varying moods and goes along with every exciting moment of your life.

Lover of all pin ups,
Sorelle <3

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