Weight Gain Ads

Women with more weight or not?

Weight Gain Ads

Today, almost every woman in the world is struggling to lose weight. However, what others don't realize is that back in the days, there are no weight loss ads but weight gain ads instead. You might be surprised to hear this but back in the days, women and men are not thrilled by Size 0 women.

Weight Gain Ads

Before, it was all about gaining weight to add more curves and that's the reason behind these weight gain ads.

Society changes every era and as it changes, people tend to go with it and follow it just to get the approval from society.

However, they complain about how cruel the society is. There have been a lot of protests regarding society's perspective on different issues, but what other people don't realize is that the “evil” society is largely made up of you and I.

We fuel the fire with our strong opinions.

Weight Gain Ads

These weight gain ads clearly defined the huge impact the media has always had on people.

By the media saying a lady is more beautiful one way or the other, people become obsessed with that image and do anything they can to become the stereotype for beauty.

Weight Gain Ads

We all know that following such media ads can affect your health (mentally and physically) and the best thing to always do is to mind your body and its natural shape and be healthy and try to get the optimum figure for your actual shape.

Forget what the media tells you!

Weight Gain Ads

Whether you're a size 0 or a size 7...who cares?

As long as you're healthy and you're happy with it.

You don't have to starve yourself just to look like that woman in the weight loss ad and you also don't need to eat every junk that you can find just to gain more curves and look exactly like the woman in that weight gain ad.

Weight Gain Ads

Remember, being healthy should be on the top of your priority list because being one is key to happiness and a good life.

Don't get carried away by such ads, each person is unique and you have every right to show people or the society itself, the unique YOU.

Weight Gain Ads

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