Vintage Pin Up Girls

Their era

Vintage pin up girls started during the late 1930s and lasting until the early 1960s.

Vintage Pin Up girls

The 1930s to the early 1960s were the years when representations of the female form was very popular. It is a form or art, or what they usually call as the art of seduction.

These vintage pin up girls become very well known because most of them were pursuing a career in Hollywood. Aside from this, during those years, pin up photos were a hit during those days. Most of these famous stars were given catchy nicknames so they can easily be recognized by people and for their names to easily be remembered by many. Names like “Blonde Bombshell” and the 'It Girl'. These names have been carried through many years and up to now, they are still remembered by a lot of people.

Vintage Pin Up girls

Had you lived during these early years, you might have representations of your favorite stars. You would have a prized photograph of your favorite movie star, although you would not have recognized it as being a 'pin up' because the term did not become part of the English language until 1941.

Vintage Pin Up girls

They became very well-known during the second World Warin Europe and in Asia. This is when the British and then the American forces pinned photographs of their favorite pin up girls or stars to their barrack walls, locker doors and even to the sides of their foxholes and trenches during battle.

They allow men to see them as somewhat mysterious despite the poses or the outfit that they are wearing. During the World War II, stars and models were photographed in a very seductive way yet still maintaining the mystery that captured the eyes of many and left them wanting for more. As the years go by, the generation has become even more daring and that is when pin up art started representing half-naked women to almost nude women.

Vintage Pin Up girls

The end of their era began when Marilyn Monroe was featured in Playboy magazine's 1959 centerfold wearing nothing but Chanel No 5. That year was the start of professional pinup, or nude photos aimed specifically at men.

Today, these women and the photos that are still seen still captures a lot of people. Aside from this, more people are starting to do this art again. In fact, we have a lot of modern pin up artists today.

Vintage Pin Up girls

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