Reverse Victory Rolls

Do it how a pin up girl should!

How to do reverse victory rolls?

Reverse victory rolls

Well, first of all, this pin up hairstyle has always been one of the favorites back in the days. There were a lot of pin up girls who sported this particular hairstyle.

One important thing to remember: Make sure you have a lot of bobby pins ready!!!

Let's work on the first side of your hair first.

Step 1

Roll your hair with hot rollers first. Brush it...

Reverse victory rolls

Step 2

Grab a handful of hair, a rat tail comb is a great idea for precision.

Reverse victory rolls

Step 3

Roll your hair with the use of your fingers.

Reverse victory rolls

Step 4

A pomade of a hairspray set will be a brilliant idea because you will need either of the two to hold that handful of hair that you rolled with your fingers together.

Reverse victory rolls

Step 5

Now, pin inside the rolled hair. You can also tuck the loose pieces inside. The rolls should look like small barrels.

Reverse victory rolls

It's time to work on the other side. This will be a bit tougher! So, read carefully!

Step 6

Do steps 1,2,3,4 and 5 all over again. (You will really need those bobby pins!

Step 6

Tease your bangs for more volume.

… and there you have it! Doing it should not be difficult. You can also style the bottom however you like. You can do another roll in the back if you want to me.

Reverse victory rolls

Another important tip:Use product for flyaways!!!

You can also make ringlets, they will look great!

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