Pin Up Photoshoot Tips

by Kat Creasey - My Little Rockabilly Founder

pin up photoshoot tips from kat creasey

Pin Up Photoshoot Tips from Kat Creasey

A question recently came through on my tumblr about modelling and some tips i could throw their way. I thought i would dedicate an entire blog post to this.

Hopefully you can take something away from this to help you.

Modelling to me isn’t something that I take seriously (as a profession). I don't put it above all else, and I don't revolve my life around photoshoots. BUT when I'm actually out doing a shoot, I take it very seriously because.. you are using other peoples time...whether it be a makeup artist or the photographer + assistant. You either put you all into it, or not at all.

Alot of people don’t know, that I actually am part of a mainstream modelling agency. It's not pinup, it's not alternative - they are based in Sydney but for my own personal reasons I do not tell my followers on the internet what agency or my name i go by. I have been with this same agency since age 14 when I entered a modelling competition and got to top 25 in Qld.

Since the age of 4, I have done 6 deportment courses, 3 etiquette and 3 catwalk classes and I feel this has greatly changed the way I hold myself infront of the camera - and also how i help my partner when we photograph other girls (helping with direction etc).

When i was 15 with a big mouth of braces, a scout for chadwicks picked me up in the street and invited me to have a meeting with them...they said they would take me on board when i didn't have braces. I never went back..I kinda wish I did..and I'm kinda glad I didn't..because I don't feel like that me. it is creative, but not to my freedom.

The agency I'm with is mainly for extra work on film and the occasional photoshoot for hair stylists, fashion designers etc. and to be honest, I don't look like me at all! Maybe one day i will pop up some videos of what i have done, but for now that is a lifestyle I like to keep private and it's not a full time thing.

When I do a photoshoot...I can instantly change from zainey kat (I'm a bit silly, and like to have fun) to someone who can instantly change when the camera is on me. I think of different things to make my eyes change to a mood that will reflect differently.

Sometimes your eyes can show depth for a more serious look (say if your doing a film noir shoot?) and you may want to do a cute fun cheesecake shoot and you may not even have to move your mouth - your eyes are the window to your soul. Seriously!

There are a few things you can do when you go to a shoot, to really get a fantastic result - that you are truly going to be happy with! And know that you put your all into.

1. Take a full length mirror to pop behind or beside the photographer (or ask them if they have one) knowing what you look like, or understanding your body movements when a photographer is directing makes it a hell of alot easier when you can see yourself.

2. Before you go to the shoot, do your hair and makeup at least 2/3 hours prior to you even heading to the location/studio. Study yourself in the mirror about the angles that look good with the makeup you, or your makeup artist has done on you. Contours, colours and different pigments look different in different angles! Get to know your best angles and best features. Take touch up makeup and take a 10 minute break to touch up your makeup.

3. Clean your feet. Oh my goodness, this might sound so silly to you. BUT this was the one thing I really remember from my deportment course. The teacher showed me a photo of a girl in a beautiful white ball gown with sparkley shoes on lying on a white baby grand piano and she asked what we could see that was wrong. HER FEET! They were brown.. the photo was just taken for the gold coast bulletin, but my goodness!

pin up photoshoot tips from kat creasey 4. Paint your nails all 4 sets! I have noticed something along the years that I do differently when I have my nails painted compared to when I don’t. I hide my nails and dont' even think about it when I have been too lazy to paint them. And it just looks silly!

When you paint your nails, you instantly feel more elegant. You can touch your face, touch your neck, show your hands! Look at old hollywood photos the women had beautiful jewellery on, and manicured nails.

5. DO NOT take a photo of a celebrity or star that you wish to copy the pose of. It's not going to happen..I'm sorry! Old pin up photos sometimes work, because you can copy poses etc, but copying modern stars like also going to reflect through that you did just that! be yourself!

Inspiration for makeup, clothing etc, is different but if you're going to spend hours trying to look like someone you are not - the photographers going to get annoyed. you're beautiful how you are!!

6. When you are posing, look where your feet are positioned...imagine you are on the other side of the camera, sit straight, breathe from the stomach, shoulders up and down/slightly back (shoulders right back looks like your showing off your boobies far too much! hehe) always have graceful fingers. Don't put too much pressure on your arms so that it looks like your straining yourself- keep even weight on each part of your body so that you look even!

7. When i mentioned before that i think of different things so that my eyes set the mood whatever it may be! I pretend im playing a character (but i am still me)...I think about how do I want to portray myself to the public? Afterall a picture does tell a thousand words. I don't just go out to the street or a car show and just lounge all over a car. But just sitting in a chair next to the car in a photoshoot does not work.

Your playing the role of a pin up girl from the 40’s and 50s. Have absolute class at all times and give it your all. The whole point of a pin up girl is to get guys attention! They literally pinned the girls up in their lockers & above their beds! Today the female audience with respect for this style is phenomenal. My audience on the internet would be 70% female and 30% male.

8. Are you truly comfortable in what you are wearing infront of the camera??

I cannot express how awful it is to wear something that you are just thinking to yourself ‘omg i just want to hide under a blanket’! Someone is taking your photo and it's making it a whole lot worse! This has happened to me twice and both times I just say straight out to the photog. ‘Nope I'm changing...I will brb’

They generally can see in your face that you weren’t comfortable..afterall, they want the images to turn out amazing, just as much as you do.

Anyway friends, I hope this helps somewhat? I get asked how to get into modelling and all that, the only thing I can really suggest is..that if a model warns you about a certain photographer TRUST THEM. So many times I've told girls ‘listen, not a good idea’ and they learn the hard way...

Best of luck


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pin up photoshoot tips from kat creasey

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