Morgana Festugato

The woman behind the artworks

Morgana Festugato

Morgana Festugato was Born in Torres, Brazil in 1969.

Morgana Festugato

She's specializes in Portraits and Pinup Art, in which the combination of photography and painting reveals her delicate alchemy.

Morgana Festugato

Beauty, she says, "is a larger range of possibilities" - something beyond what we see. It is exactly this "hidden-something", that catches Morgana's imagination, as she can bring out all those characters in each one of us. Through her eyes, her lenses and her paintbrushes, personal stories are re-told.

Morgana Festugato

She transcends the constraints of both forms, to produce stunningly contemporary, yet timeless, original pieces of work.

Morgana Festugato

In particular, this tension between art and machine, as with portraiture at its best, Morgana liberates the uniqueness of her subjects' essentials; their smile, the tilt of their head, and their posture.

Morgana Festugato

This awareness of her subjects commences long before the first click of the shutter while she is preparing her models using her talents as a make-up artist. In fifteen years time, Morgana's work has turned into an object of desire both in Brazil and internationally.

Morgana Festugato

To capture the essence of human nature fascinates the Brazilian photographer. For her incredible results, she has been nicknamed "the image fairy".

Morgana Festugato

The artist  lives in Sydney with her family and keeps traveling around world making Portraits and Pinups.The countries that she have been working are: Brazil, Australia, Mexico,Italy, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Spain,The Netherlands

Morgana Festugato

To see more about her art work:

Morgana Festugato Contact in Australia:

    Terri Wall


    Off The Wall Photography

    16 Whiting Street

    Artarmon NSW 2064

    T: (02) 9439 7795

    F: (02) 9439 7759


Morgana Festugato

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