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bianca bombshell

1) Why did you choose the pin up industry to grow your modeling career in?
I chose to try the Pin Up Genre because of the celebration of the female form.  I knew I wanted to try my hand at Modeling, to hopefully one day make money being a part time Model.  But the world of Fashion told me I had to change.  Either loose weight, or grain weight.  As a teenager, I didn't understand why I couldn't just Model the way I was.  I mean, I was healthy...right? 

NOPE!  Not in the eyes of most of the world, especially circa early 2000.  I have always been drawn the the classic images of PinUp Girls, not only because of the flawless art, but because of the sex appeal these women had.  And they had it with CURVES.  It inspired me to give it a try.  Posing and doing the faces came easily to me, and from my first shoot it was a hit.  I loved it.  I had found something that I loved to to, and helped me grow as a woman.  Pin Up has lead me to so many amazing woman in the industry, and the men who like PinUp girls are really great guys.  Pin Up is all about the appreciation of the female form, no matter if you are big or small.  I chose to grow my career in this environment because it is positive, and I thrive on positive energy.

bianca bombshell

2) What are your thoughts on mainstream fashion industry?
To be honest I am sure I am somewhat sheltered.  I only know a fraction about Modern Fashion and that world.  When I was 13 my best friend was a working Model.  She would starve herself just so she might get a job, and she was 13! 

I would love nothing more than to grow my career into Fashion, as I want to be a Top Plus Model.  But I do think that you either have to be one way, or the other.  And if you are not...oh well.  Shit outta luck partner, go home and make yourself better.  I hate that attitude.  My number one goal in life is to learn, to love and to teach others about love. 

Big thing for a Plus Model from an Island town off the coast of Canada to do, but I am happy to be part of the movement in the Fashion world.  I have had my Facebook page for 4 years, and back when I first started, there were hardly any Plus Models putting themselves out there.  Flash Forward a few years, and how the world is changing.  Even Fashion is starting to book Plus Models, as the industry is listing to the consumer.  Women want to buy clothing from women, not 16 year old girls.  
I hope that as a Model I can help change the world, to accept all kinds of beauty. 

bianca bombshell 3) How long have you been pin up modeling and what is the secret to building up a following?
I began in 2010, and I found a photographer from my area who did Retro Pin Up.   After my first shoot I decided to give it a go, and try to get Published.  I landed my first paid gig as a Model in late 2010.  The secret to building a following is quality not quantity.  You want people who actually like your work to find you, so when I first started I would share my work on relevant pages, such as Pin Up Passion.

They might re-share my image, and then I would get a few new likes...40 or so.  I would do this, and continue to do this for years.  I don't do ANY Share for Share, and that is the fastest way to attract people who don't really know you. Also, it is important to watch who shares your images, you want to protect your image.  So what if you get 10,000 likes from a page sharing your images...if the page is nothing but NAKED women, you will get 99% creeps from that kind of promotion.  PROMOTE yourself, do the groundwork.  My page is at 260,000 after 4 years of hard work.  It will not happen over night.  You must do your research, use Google, and always go for quality over quantity.

bianca bombshell

4) What is the secret to oozing confidence?
Fake it till you make it!  I am 29 now, and when I first started I did not have a fraction of the confidence I have now.  It grows over time, and the more you put yourself out there, as you are...the more you will find confidence within yourself.   When I first started, I was told that "if you want to be taken seriously, you need to loose weight".  Now can you imagine for one moment what that did to my confidence.  After waiting for YEARS to get in front of a camera, one of the first things I hear is that!!!??!! 

OMG...I was pretty sad.   But I thought, f this guy.  I am beautiful, and someone has to be brave enough to just be themselves and pave the way for others.  I was the only Plus Pin Up where I am from, and now there are so many more.  And I like to feel that I helped that happen.  Not sure where that photographer was that told me I had to change, but one  thing is for sure.  I didn't have to change. I had to find my confidence to just be me, and live it.

bianca bombshell 5) Why is it important for you to promote positive body image?
Because we are what we think.  As human beings we need to think positive, not just on the surface, but deep down to our  soul.  To be positive, about your body, your mind, you life...is all it takes.  Just try it.  Think positive things about yourself all day and you will feel great! Or if you sit there like a lump on a log and think crappy things all day, then that is how you will feel.  Your mind creates life within your body, so take control of your mind and use it to be supportive of yourself and others.  For me this is important because of the jerk who told me I could't.  To show those people that we are all beautiful, and we all deserve a chance at a life we want.  No matter what you look like, positive thinking is what the world needs to grow and become a peaceful place for us all to live.

6) What are 3 tips to mastering the pin up look?
1.Gotta get the right hair, even if its just a simple roll here and there.  Or a quick tie with a Bandanna.  I have a Daily Motion Video Channel made for my Fans with Retro Hair Tutorials made for the everyday gal who wants to put a little "PinUp" in her step.  My tutorials are awesome because they are good for your hair, these are styles with minimal teasing that are super easy to follow.  If you follow mine, I assure you your hair will not fall out in 20 years.  Gotta be careful with all the teasing ladies!!! (Click For Bianca's Video Channel)

2. Learn how to Apply Cat Style eyeliner.  A little eyeliner & Red lipstick make the look, so if you can get your eyes right and combine that look with your Retro Up-do, you are almost done!

3. Clothing, Lingerie & Stockings -  It can be expensive to go out and change your whole wardrobe over to Retro Pin Up Styles, so just go slow.  Start by working one piece into your closet and mix and matching with the clothing you already have.  Thrift Shops can be a great place to find deals, but as a Plus gal I tend to have not the best luck with Vintage Clothing.  One of the first things I ever bought was an Open Bottom Girdle from Secrets in Lace,  paired with Fully Fashioned Stockings with a Line up the back and I felt like a true classic PinUp in an instant.

bianca bombshell 7) What are the 3 must have items for any pin up?
1. Red Lipstick & Black Eyeliner
2. Confidence (not really an item..I'll do 2 twice)
2. Seamed Stockings & Garter Belt
3.  Wiggle Dress or Circle Skirt

8 ) As we know...the internet is a breeding ground for people who love to share their opinions, often times these can be negative. For the people that troll on the internet whether it be speaking negatively on your images or other images of women, what is your response to them?
Good question. Sometimes I just delete the comment and ban them.  Basic rule is, if you are mean or rude, you are gone. No questions, nada.  That may seem harsh, but it is my personal page and I do not want negativity on my page.  Once in a while, I will answer them.  I have even gone as far to email them in private.   I once had a girl call me fat on a page that shared my image, she was so rude and mean and  so I decided to just write her a letter and let her know just how mean that was.  She ended up telling me that she had an eating disorder, and her whole body image was messed up. 

We became friends to the point that she called me her Guru.  I take each person as they come, but I also try to use my intuition as to who might need to hear my opinion.  When someone takes the time to comment on my page, something mean and nasty.  Something must be going on with them, so if I have the time, I write back and ask them why they are such assholes.  One email at a time, but it works. People are finally starting to understand that we are all human beings, and we all deserve love and respect.  No matter what.

bianca bombshell 9) What is the highlight of your modeling career?
I have been so fortunate in my career,  I am so blessed with so many amazing things that have happened to me, and I only continue to set new  goals for myself.  One of the best things would have to be getting hired as the New Curvy Model for Secrets in Lace.  Since the beginning of my career I wanted to work for them, they are the best and I wanted nothing more than to be part of that.  And now I am! It is so amazing.

I also have to give mention to being the Creative Director for Delicious Dolls Magazine, that is such a great team to be part of.  I will be attending Viva Las Vegas 2014 with the Magazine this year, shooting on location & meeting fans, a highlight to come I am sure.

 There are so many highlights!!  I just finished Filming" A Perfect 14" Documentary film that explores the fascinating world of plus size modelling and the women involved who show how beauty comes from confidence and not your dress size. And that was such an incredible experience.   

Of course, getting Published is a Highlight.  My first Cover was Delicious Dolls Magazine, and when I landed the Cover of Retro Lovely Taboo I just felt this fire in my belly to succeed.  I now have 6 Published Covers, with two more set to release in early 2014.

bianca bombshell 10) What are the big goals behind your modeling? What should we expect to see from BB in the next 5 years?
My next big goal is to get signed to an International Modeling Agency so I can go Pro, book more Fashion jobs around the world and truly make an impact as a Plus Model.
Walk Runway.
Walk Runway in Europe.
Be in more Films.

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Bianca Bombshell's vitals:

bianca bombshell bianca bombshell

Height: 5'11

Bust: 45"

Waist: 35"

Hips: 46"

Dress: 16

Shoe: 10

Hair color: Brown or Blonde

Hair length: Long

Eye color: Brown

Genres: Acting, Editorial, Erotic, Fashion, Fetish,, Glamour, Hair/Makeup, Lingerie, Pinup, Promotional Modeling, Runway, Spokesperson / Host, Swimwear, Underwater

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The Mind is Everything. What we Think, We Become" - Buddha

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