Terms and Conditions of the Pin Up Passion/Baiden Mitten Photoshoot giveaway

  • The photographer you choose if you are the winner is completely up to you, provided that they have a portfolio consisting of at least 5 pin up photoshoots with different models (reason being, is that we want to support pin up photographers)
  • The photographer must also be available for public shoots and must consent with a shoot with the winner - aka Pin Up Passion can't force anyone to work with someone they aren't able to or choose not to
  • The booking of the shoot is to be done by the winner of the competition and Pin Up Passion will only step in during the last step of the booking process to pay for the shoot directly to the photographer
  • The winning prize cannot be redeemed for cash
  • The shoot must be booked in within 2 weeks of the winners announcement and paid in full up front
  • The photoshoot comes to a max total value of $900USD. This is the total cost that will be paid. No extra will be paid for photographs, transportation, clothing, make up, or anything else - there will be not an extra dollar over $900USD paid out. Anything over will be incurred by the winner.
  • The winner is responsible for getting their own way to and from the shoot.
  • Pin Up Passion takes no responsibility for your experience with the photographer or getting to and from the venue.
  • Pin Up Passion cannot be liable for any injuries which are incurred during the photoshoot or during your way to or from the shoot.
  • If the shoot and the photographs do not add up to $900USD, the remainder of the money will not be paid out. 
  • Pin UP Passion reserves the right to refuse using any photographer if they feel the photographer is:
    a) not a dedicated pin up photographer (aka - has less then 5 pin up photoshoots done with different models in each)
    b) Somehow associated with the winner of the competition and it's clear that the photographer will not be receiving the money, or there will be a split of the money in exchange for providing the business
  • Pin Up Passion takes no responsibility in how your photos turn out from the shoot and how long it takes for your photos to be delivered to you. This is the photographers responsibility.
  • The winner will be chosen April 30th 2013 at 5pm AEST by the Pin Up Passion team and announced via an email to the Pin Up Passion database and Facebook posts on Pin UP Passion's Facebook Wall.
    The winner will be emailed directly also. 
  • The winning entry will be chosen at random.
  • The entry MUST be no longer then 60 seconds long, answering the 4 questions provided and the before and after photos must be included. The photos are not to be manipulated in any way and the photos should be natural & without make up, showing the genuine difference the Baiden Mitten has provided with your skin condition.
    If however, you can showcase better results with make up (eg. your make up used to stick to dead skin and look horrible and now it looks flawless), entries with make up photos will also be accepted.
  • The preferred entries should be video entries, however if you are 100% not comfortable being on camera, written entries will also be included however the video entries will have preference in winning.
    This will be in favor to you if no one decides to do a video entry. 
  • The audio on the video must be clear and the quality of the video must also be clear and not fuzzy.
  • The written responses must be a max of 150 words. 
  • There must be a minimum of 10 correct entries submitted for this competition to go ahead and for a winner to be chosen.
  • In the video you MUST include the sentence "Get your mitten at PinUpSkin.com" or a link must show up on the screen saying: "Purchase The Mitten At www.PinUpSkin.com" - any videos without this, will not be accepted as part of the entries
  • The written entries must include these words as part of the 150 words: "Get your mitten at www.PinUpSkin.com"
  • The before and after photos must be of good quality to be able to clearly see the results you've achieved from using the mitten
  • By entering this competition, you give Pin Up Passion and Baiden Mitten full permission to use all the components of your entry - including your name, location (if specified), photographs provided and the video and/or written entry for any marketing purposes they see fit both online and offline.
  • Lastly - make sure you have fun if you are the winner, and if you let Pin Up Passion post one of the photos on our Facebook wall - Great! If not...that is more then fine also.