Self Love With Kyla Tustin

Today, I’m thrilled to present to you this interview with a wonderful woman who specialises in soul coaching and spiritual healing – Kyla Tustin from

Kyla and I hit it off straight away and during the interview we delved deeply into so many important topics relating to confidence.

In this interview, Kyla and I speak about:

  • Why some people have confidence and others struggle to get it
  • Creating authentic relationships with people you love
  • The critical piece to having confidence
  • The importance of creating a confidence goal
  • Daily acts of self love
  • Immediate steps for creating confidence

Click here to listen to the audio interview with Kyla Tustin from Your Power Centre

Kyla has also provided you with some complimentary goodies:

Click Here To Download Kyla Tustin’s Guide To ‘Killer Confidence - Anytime, Anywhere’

Click Here To Download Kyla Tustin’s Supporting Values PDF – Another angle of figuring out your values

Take advantage of these's just another way for you to put together the puzzle pieces of your identity and bring you closer to a more confident you.

As you are soooo far along now through your 30 Day Confidence Makeover Journey, I would LOOOOVE to know how you are doing and if you have any questions. Please connect with me personally on Facebook - click here, or if you would like to email, I'd be thrilled to hear from you - click here to email me.

Love always!

Sorelle Amore