Gregory Bellis Pin Up Photographer

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Fun facts: Lived on and off in america for 10yrs till I was 16.activities: scuba diving, rugby union and addicted to tv!fav ever shoot was down in melbourne getting guidance from peter coulson at koukeifav food is mexican, corrupted by my time living in texas.

1. On and off for ages but only really started getting into it over the last 2 years. Originally I just shot landscapes and urban decay, but recently I have been enjoying the challanges of photographing people.

2. Im a Nikon shooter and currently just with the D90. Waiting for the replacement to the full-frame D700 as my next toy. Due to the Japan disaster that might be a while.

3. It is a very cool style that is just so different than the norm of today. And when you have a passionate friend who runs a pin up website... Well you cant guess!!!

4. I would say there isnt one pose that I like to shoot. More that the pose, outfit, makeup and lighting all work together to bring out the best shot of a model. If I get an amazing photo its more about a combination of things than a pose.5. A great pinup model in my mind would have all her posing and facial expressions down like its second nature. They should naturally flow from one pose to the next so nothing is held or forced. When you start to get the same facial expression over 30 photos they start to look the same.

6. As for pin up girl idols... Well ones I would love to shoot and do amazing work u cant go past Dita Von Teese and Sabina Kelley at the moment.

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