Understanding Confidence Further with Special Guest Tanya Bewich

Lots of people want confidence, but a lot of the time, they don’t really have a very clear idea of what it is or they buy into some beliefs that aren’t true about confidence, which holds them back.

Today I have a special guest I’d like to introduce you to – Tanya Bewich. She’s an absolute gem of a lady. Really switched on and very wise.

I interviewed her via Skype about confidence, where she shares some profound insights into this topic, which sheds some light about why you might be lacking some confidence right now and she even shares some quick ways of gaining more of it.

Watch the interview by clicking here or on the link below:

Sorry about the horrible quality of the video – I’ve made the interview available in an audio format as well (see link below video). Skype wasn’t in a good mood that day.

Some of the questions Tanya answers are:

  • Does our past have any effects on us lacking confidence?
  • Can anybody have confidence?
  • Can there be underlying issues with confidence as well?
  • What if someone is lacking confidence right now, what can they do to get more of it?
  • What would I need to do, to change my thinking to be more confident?

Remember…watch what you can, listen in to what you can (even if you download the audio available from below the video on the above site listed)…

This is your journey. Commit what you’re able.

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