30 Day Confidence
Course Overview

A Month Dedicated to Releasing Your Confidence Goddess From Within

Day 1-7: I like to call this Lingerie Week…as it’s our basics. This week is dedicated to finding out more about yourself. It’s gaining a new level of awareness of self…the perfect building block for the next 30 days.

Day 8-14: This week is our Vintage Dress week…the next layer. It’s the layer where you learn about how to love yourself, your life and how to see your greatness. It’s a week of turning inward into yourself to find the best answers for your life.

Day 15-21: This I dub Accessory Week…all about learning how to master your relationships in your life including with the people closest to you and with yourself. I think you’ll really enjoy this week

Day 22-28: I call it the Perfect Heel Week...The last full week is about creating your perfect life, finding your purpose to ensure you’re living an inspiring life. This is so important for confidence as it gives you a strong reason for existence. And this is very empowering.

Day 29: Bonus Day! You got yourself a little gift from me…How to release your sex kitten. We need to understand how to do this to embrace our strong feminine presence and harness it’s power. And trust me…it’s powerful all right :)

Day 30-31: This shall be the wrap! Recapping everything and your next steps…

The course is delivered through emails daily. You’ll get exercises, videos from myself and special guests I’ve interviewed who are experts in their field, and affirmations that you need to implement daily.

It will be structured nicely though so you can get through it with ease.


So you may be thinking after reading the above program outline…

"Holy Moly...How on earth am I going to get this completed in 30 days?!"

Fret not. I have split this into easy to digest daily emails and exercises that will take 15-30 minutes daily max to complete.

If you happen to run out of time in a day to do the exercises, don’t worry. Don’t try to get 2 days done in 1 unless you have the time.
Otherwise just mark the pages and emails you weren’t able to do, and come back to it at the end of the 30 days.

But I truly want to encourage you to get into a pattern. Either morning or night time – allocate 30 minutes for this life changing course. If you want to empower your life, you need to make a commitment to change.

The worst case scenario…wake up 30 minutes before you usually do. Problem solved :)


This program is delivered 100% online. Every day (depending on your location around the world, the timing will vary), you will receive an email with that days instructions.

Every day is filled with different content for you to immerse yourself in.

Some days you might have an exercise to do, some days you might have a video to watch. Variety is the spice of life and so I’ve incorporated that into this course.

Everything is broken down into easy steps, so it’s simple to read and digest.

With each video we have included exercises and a summary so if you don’t have time, you’re able to still skim over that and get the learning's from the day.


Throughout your 30 Day Confidence Makeover, I recommend you purchase for yourself a new journal to do your exercises in and to write any insights you might have throughout your 30 day journey, which may include amazing experiences you have had and/or any great events that have occurred as a result of your new found confidence…

…Or if you’re like me and you like to store everything online, perhaps keep all your files in a program like Evernote –
evernote.com (this stores all your documents in the Cloud for free, up to a certain amount of data. Really handy tool.)

Remember, this is not just a course, but a 30 day journey which will be a turning point in your life, so it’s nice to be able to look back on how much you have progressed since the beginning.


The word affirmation comes from affirming the mind of something that is true. Say it over and over again, the cells in your body will absorb this and become part of your being.

Throughout the 30 days, I will provide you with a daily affirmation to reinforce throughout the day. I usually put it as the background on my iPhone for the day, or write a note that you have attached to a place you usually look at (computer, fridge, mirror) so every time you see it, you can say it to yourself again to ensure that it penetrates through your body.

It is important to remember however, that the affirmations shouldn’t just be said on a whim, but you should really try to feel these to be true as you say them.

And whatever affirmations you absolutely adore, I encourage you to write on a piece of paper and perhaps stick it on your wall so you can look at it every day for as long as you need.

Just saying the affirmation for one day isn’t going to get the best results. If you want them to start coming true, it can take years of constant repetition for it to show signs in your everyday life.

This is how I see it…we spend soooo much time thinking about nonsense which is probably negative, which in turn brings us down.

Why not have instead, powerful messages that you repeat to yourself as you walk to work over and over; or as you’re brushing your teeth, waiting in line etc. This will have a far more positive influence on your life than those horrible negative words you may be saying to yourself.


“Do or do not, there is no try” Yoda

This is one of my favorite quotes from the good old trusty ‘Star Wars’ Movies.  

If I say to you “pick up this pen”, you will pick it up. You won’t try. Same thing goes for this course and the exercises within them.

Commit now that you will whole heartedly give every exercise a solid attempt. You may not get all the answers straight away, but at least you have done it to the best of your ability at this time.

Some of the exercises are going to be tricky, no doubt…but the rewards are so worthwhile.

So…as Nike says it…”Just do it”.


I believe there is nothing more important than keeping your word to yourself. If you constantly create a goal for yourself and never complete it, it instills in your mind that you never finish anything and in turn, your self worth will diminish.

It’s just the same as if someone else was constantly making a promise to you and always broke that. After a while, you really wouldn’t trust them would you?

I strongly suggest that you create a sacred contract for yourself for the next 30 days. Create it with words that really speak to you, with your intention for this 30 day period.

Below is an example of what one may look like, but please…don’t just copy this and make it your own as that will have little meaning and you won’t stick to this sacred contact.

“I Sorelle Amore, make a commitment to myself for the next 30 days to stick to the 30 Day Confidence Makeover program, ensuring I fully immerse myself in the exercises and complete them as best as I can. On the side I also make a commitment to look after my nutrition, to feed my body healthy and nutritious food 80% of the time.”

As you noticed, in my contract, I decided to add a little side note about nutrition. If there is something you would like to add to your contract to ensure you do for the next 30 days (AND you know you can stick to it), add it.

When complete, sign it and date it. You may also want to keep it at the forefront of your mind…print it out and put it next to your bed to re-read every night, or put it at the start of your journal.

Oh I’m pretty excited for you

You're on a wonderful journey of self discovery.

Lots of love,

Sorelle Amore
Founder of Pin Up Passion
& A Believer Every Woman Is A Goddess