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I am starting advertising of the International Pin Up Photographers Directory via Facebook ads at the end of August - reaching the mass audience specified above..

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If you're not part of the directory, it can be safe to say that you may not be as easily found and you may become a little invisible.

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  • PUP's Website
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  • Pin Up Models posting on their Facebook pages about the directory
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Your investment for this amazing opportunity is minimal... and you're not locked in at all.

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My aim is to make sure as many women in the world get a pin up photoshoot done to feel glamorous and sexy. Doing these Facebook ads will greatly assist with my mission.

Your photography, makes the world a more beautiful place. It would be a crime to restrict people from gaining your services.

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If you would like to just to be listed on the directory, the monthly investment is $10.

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If you invest before the end of July 2012, you will have the ability to make one change to your directory listing once a month, every month, as a premium client. After that, you will only be able to make one change every 3 months.

Also, if you invest before the end of July 2012, I will create a photo album with 15 of your photos on Pin Up Passion's Facebook page - enjoy exposure to another 46,000 pin up fans this way.

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I have the skills and knowledge of using Facebook ads to get the best exposure for you.

Being part of the pin up photographers directory, you also get the chance to be part of the pin up photographers weekly competition.

Every Thursday, 3 photos are compared from the photographers...the PUP community chooses the winner and that great winning piece will be displayed on the home page of the Pin Up Passion website for a whole week!

If you're not part of the directory, then you will be unable to be part of this competition.

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Sorelle Warzecha

"That's wonderful, someone has already contacted me and used Pin Up Passion as their source of finding me.

Thank you sooo much!!!"
Miss Missy Photography

"I love your page, glamour is very important, not letting yourself go through the years, and keeping a good self image, helps your self esteem, a little make-up and viola! You feel 100% better, people don't realize it but if you feel you look good, you perform better in your every day routine! :)"
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"Absolutely LOVE this page. Just recommended it to two of the models I am working with in an upcoming shoot. Great wealth of information for beginners :)"
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"Amazing page!!! Just love it here, feel like I'm at home!"
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